©Jesse Burke from  Wild & Precious  The photography on this website is with permission of the photographer.

©Jesse Burke from Wild & Precious
The photography on this website is with permission of the photographer.


The experience of collecting photography books is incredibly gratifying. The benefits come from amassing a visual representation of contemporary culture, a catalogue of our visual history or examples of the best in the craft of book editing, design, and printing. For years, I have worked with clients to hone their vision, advising on some of the best contemporary publications, book objects and historical necessities that will make any photobook library the envy of book lovers. Collecting photography books is a passionate experience that satisfies the collectors both for its visual rewards and, often, for its future financial value.

Services may include:
• Collection education, development and book recommendation service
• Library organization and valuation
• Photobook education and discussions
• In-person library consultation
• Photobook guidance and tours
Feel free to contact me if you need some guidance with your collection.

Includes one hour phone call to discuss library needs and assess monthly budget
Collector - Hourly Rate
Includes two phone calls of 30 minutes each, an email report of book recommendations, and facilitation of shipments from credible book sellers around the world.
$500 + Agreed book budget per month
Includes 2-day in-person consultation (8 hours per day) at the collector's home library to assess the collection. This is a special opportunity to partner and examine the needs of your current and future collection. An on-going consultation may include cataloguing, condition reports and estimated values. Please inquire for an estimate for the on-going service.
$1500 + lodging + flight

Includes a 2-day prepared tour and buying trip for the collector to New York Art Book Fair, Los Angeles Art Book Fair, or Photo Paris Offprint – Includes a personal tour of the festival, visiting booths to meet the publishers/artists, and personal recommendations for your collection. Client is responsible for his or her personal expenses including flight, meals, lodging and book purchases. Limit one client per book fair annually. Please inquire for availability.
$2000 (US fairs)/$3000 (international fairs) + lodging + flight

All clients will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule the appointment.

Please inquire about teaching workshops on the contact page. Limited availability for workshop opportunities.