©Jesse Burke from  Wild & Precious , courtesy of the artist

©Jesse Burke from Wild & Precious, courtesy of the artist

Your Photography Adventure

Photography is a Personal Experience
What makes a compelling photography or photobook project? There is a home for most photography projects provided that the photographer has the dedication, training, and patience to find it. The path leading from photographer's vision to complete body of work or publication can be daunting. Many photographers need help along the way.

Collecting the Photobook: A Wonderful Habit
Deciding which publications to add to your collection can be overwhelming. My experience in collection development provides an invaluable perspective in refining your photobook collection no matter its foundation. Whether based upon the art and design of the book as an object, amassing the works of classic or contemporary artists, or genre-specific, I work with you to resource and refine the strategic development of your collection.

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 ©  Mary Ellen Bartley , courtesy of the artist

© Mary Ellen Bartley, courtesy of the artist

Where photography can lead you

Decades ago, I left the humid Southeast in my 4-cylinder Nissan Sentra to begin my adventure West. I lived briefly in the shadow of the sharp, blue Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The summer months were filled with exciting assignments on dude ranches – photographing families and tourists posed on aged wagons, rustic fences and well-treated, retired work horses. Leaving behind the promise of below zero winter weather, I meandered through the "Million Dollar Highway" from Ouray to Durango, Colorado, to Gunnison Canyon and Mesa Verde National Parks. This journey led me down the winding roads of the Rockies to the sunny, high desert landscape of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My time in Santa Fe resulted in an incredible education through photobooks, juried calls for entry and international festivals. In my travels I met many amazing and dedicated photographers whose work still remains in my thoughts and many small book publishers whose publications hold an special place on my personal bookshelf. These encounters and experiences refined my ability to communicate with artists about their practice and vision and exposed me to the wealth of international photographic books, publishers and booksellers. I want to use my experience and passion for the medium to work with clients and collectors to help them answer some important questions and achieve their goals.

What are your photographic or photobook goals?
How did you get to where you are and where do you want to go?

Does your photobook project or collection need the help of an experienced bookseller?