©  Mary Ellen Bartley , courtesy of the artist

© Mary Ellen Bartley, courtesy of the artist

©  Mary Ellen Bartley , courtesy of the artist

© Mary Ellen Bartley, courtesy of the artist

Assisted Photographic Book Projects

Susan Burnstine, Absence of Being, Damiani Editore, 2016

"No one knows more about photo books than Melanie. I was extremely fortunate to consult with her for my second book, Absence Of Being. When considering my creative aesthetics and specific design desires and challenges, she suggested the perfect designer who was able to bring my vision to life. She also provided countless suggestions on how to better the design throughout the design process, which ultimately, helped me create the book of my dreams. If you’re searching for assistance with the creation of your monograph, I can’t suggest Melanie enough. She’s a treasure." – Susan Burnstine

Vivian Keulards, Flaming Grace, self-published, 2017

"I was so thrilled when Melanie McWhorter said yes to writing an essay for my book Flaming Grace. She could write from a personal note, growing up as a girl with red hair. And of course she’s got a very experienced and professional eye on/for photography and photography books. I was overjoyed with the final result, the essay had everything I was looking for: a little science, her personal story, the connection with art and lovely words about my work. I couldn’t have been happier." – Vivian Keulards

Michael Crouser, Mountain Ranch, University of Texas Press, 2017

"Melanie's insight, input and ideas were invaluable to me as I put together the final edit of my book Mountain Ranch. She knows photography books like no one else, and is uniquely qualified to aid in the process of concepting a book and bringing it to fruition." – Michael Crouser


Brandon Thibodeaux, When Morning Comes

"Melanie's insight into the business of publishing is invaluable as you navigate the journey of photo book publishing. Though we had only met briefly at a few photography festivals, her personable demeanor made it feel as if we'd known each other for ages. Over the past few years she's now become a trusted friend who just so happens to know a lot about books. Whether it's working out budgets, whittling through contracts, or finding the right publisher, when you work with Melanie you know that she is putting all she has forward to help you make the right decisions. She'll stay right there with you through the whole process." – Brandon Thibodeaux

Photography Projects

"What makes Melanie special? She shows and tells. I had an idea for a project and Melanie grasped the concept with gusto. She produced a stack of beautiful photography books–each one demonstrated a unique solution to my challenge–and showed me options. We discussed techniques, means, and methods; but most important, we discussed the story and how to tell it." – Nell Dickerson
"Melanie McWhorter has a rare authenticity and a clarity to her insight which we desperately need more of among those engaged in contemporary photographic discourse." – Eugene Ellenberg, A Signal Amid the Noise
“My go-to person for all questions regarding photographic books — Melanie’s extensive knowledge is a fabulous resource.” – Philip Metcalf