One Man's Body and Vicinity • Nathan Cordova (Limited Edition Zine)

One Man's Body and Vicinity • Nathan Cordova (Limited Edition Zine)

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Edition of 100 
18.5"h - 22"h X 15"w - 17"w 
Archival Inkjet, Historical Maps, Pen on paper. 

Cordova’s second zine, One Man’s Body and Vicinity, is a hand-crafted object presented in four editions with different excerpts from his journals and a selection of photographs from the project. Written on the front side, are some of his thoughts in his own hand, a red Sharpie line that traces part of his journey, and six taped-on archival photos. On the verso, he printed an image of his uncle that shows him adorned with a Mickey Mouse watch and surrounded by an altar to the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders. The zine’s edition is 100 copies, with 25 of each text, but each is unique and individually handmade.

Text from each zine:

It was a little shaky at the stop lights in town but we made it! It will take a new car to make it out here every year. Everything I hear about him is how much of a bad-ass he was back in the day. What happened? He calls me once a month and he’s quick to cry. He offered me his bed but I can’t, with his hip he needs it more than me. I‘ve got my bed roll so I think I’ll take the floor.

You would have loved the drive in. The aspens are turning and the weather dropped ten or twenty degrees a few days ago. I don’t think I’m mad at you anymore. Weren’t you just trying to hold your family together? The way you treated me or reacted sometimes, I’m still not OK with it, but I think I understand a little better. I wish we could have talked about this.

I’m right where your dad and Juanita went to high school; or finishing school they called it. This is where Juanita got her teaching certificate before going to Pagosa Junction. Did you ever visit? What about Pagosa Junction? Would you be proud of my interest in our history? Would you be able to express enthusiasm? Or, would you express disinterest to preserve your power over me? I long for an adult conversation with you. I wish we could have been buds on this trip. I love you so much. I miss you a lot.

It’s my last day and I’ve learned so much. I can picture you as the little child, struggling violently to feel seen. Our family is so filled with complex contradiction. We appear united even as some carry more than their fair share. You missed them, but was the distance worth it? You did your best. I imagine it’s tough when you’re all just kids.

I love you. Until the next time.

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