Fireflies by Barbara Bosworth

Fireflies by Barbara Bosworth


396 x 22cm
Scroll Book
Limited Edition, 50 copies, signed and numbered

 Barbara Bosworth's artist book, Fireflies is a collection of images of fireflies from Barbara's project, The Meadow. This book is made in conjunction with the exhibition Heaven, Wind, Stars and Poems exhibited from April 8, 2017 to July 2, 2017 at the Datz Museum of Art in Korea.

Barbara started to photograph fireflies from the time she begin her project The Meadow. She found an expert of fireflies and walked the meadow with her and took pictures.

"As a photographer I am interested in a long look. The meadow seemed right for that. I love slow long looking. I’m sure it is why I am an 8x10 photographer. A long look."  

- Barbara Bosworth

50 copies of handmade limited edition have published at Datz press after the exhibition. 

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